Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is perfect storage system to store and organize product pallets in warehouse. Teardrop is most common style roll formed pallet rack in USA market today. We stock teardrop style uprights and beams in various sizes and capacities for immediate shipment. Pallet racking is the most popular and the most versatile type of storage for large single items or palletized/boxed loads. Warehouses and distribution centers use pallet racking more than any other type of equipment for their palletized storage. Pallet racking systems are engineered from the ground up. These designs take into account product size and weight, seismic zone, fork lift aisle size required, building column centers, as well as future expansion considerations.

Pallte rack upright
Pallet rack beams

Teardrop Upright

Teardrop style upright frame have two columns with the corresponding horizontal and diagonal braces and foot plates. Pallet Rack uprights comes in various depth & URS keeps in stock following depth size uprights for quick ship- 24″D, 36″D, 42″D, & 48″D. URS keeps range of height Pallet rack uprights in stock for quick ship starting from 8ft high to 24″ high at every 2 ft increments. Capacity of uprights are given at 48″ beam spacing starting at the floor. If you need to space the beam further apart, capacity will be less.

Teardrop Beams

Beams are Connected horizontally to Upright to create Pallet Rack storage system. Teardrop beams connect into the teardrop upright frame on both ends to create a shelf for the pallets to rest upon. Two beams make up one shelf level. “Teardrop” refers to the tear shaped punch hole in the upright post. This design allows a beam-to-frame connection that is more secure and more stronger. Beams are available in various face width & various length to create various capacity desired by customer need. Teardrop standard beams comes with 1-5/8″ standard step to support wire deck cross bar or pallet supports. Beam capacities are given/ pair.

Pallet Racking 1

Types of Industrial Storage Racks We Offer

United Rack Solutions has great selection of pallet racks and accessories, including Selective pallet rack, Drive-in / Drive-Thru pallet rack, Push-back pallet rack, Pallet flow rack, Cartoon flow rack and Cantilever racks. Everything your storage space needs can be found in one convenient, trusted place. United Rack Solutions has been your source for the result you need. Our experience makes us one of the top suppliers of pallet racks and storage accessories for both large and small businesses.

Selective Rack

Selective Pallet Rack

Drive in rack

Drive-In / Drive-Thru Pallet Rack

Push back rack

Push-Back Pallet Rack

Pallet flow rack

Pallet Flow Rack

Cartoon flow rack

Cartoon Flow Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

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