Used Pallet Racks

Used pallet racks allow you to maximize your facility’s storage. Warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities around the world utilizes pallet racking more than any other equipment for palletized product storage. Used pallet rack can save you money due to the price and time because of availability. Our most common style is the Teardrop Pallet Racking. It allows access to each pallet in storage and has a universal design. It has a teardrop punch that allows it to be universal with most manufacturers. There are other great styles of pallet racking as well. All of which have their benefits to the specific application.

You may also need to match the existing warehouse storage racks that is no longer manufactured. A used warehouse rack can be your only option. We can help you identify the pallet rack parts you need for your existing rack system. Some sizes and brands are more common, but hard to find. Pallet rack systems are designed around the pallet being stored in them, and the lift equipment used to store and retrieve them, which leads to many different needs.


Used upright Frame

These pallet racking systems typically have vertical upright frames and cross beams for support of the pallet. We also provide the most popular styles of new, used, and selective options. Some setups also include wire decks and other components as well. URS is here to help you from start to finish and answer all of your questions. Control the distribution and storage of palletized inventory and improve profitability by investing in the right system for your operation.

Used Beams

United Rack Solutions carries an extensive line of new and used pallet racking systems, including high-density systems such as carton flow rack, pallet flow rack, push back rack, drive-in rack, and drive-through rack. Our great experience working with companies of different industries has given us the ability to match our customer’s need with the ideal type of pallet racking for their needs. From bulky loads of lumber to small parts, we’ve got used pallet racks for a wide range of applications – each with a budget-friendly price tag.



Looking for quality used pallet racks? Want to store more for less money? You’re in the right place. Our goal is to make it fast, easy to buy both new and used pallet racks. Some sources sell pallet rack that’s damaged or in too rough of shape to use. For more information, You may also check the Wire Decking pallet rack. Our used pallet racking is hand inspected, stored neatly. Want to see your racking before you buy it? No problem! We welcome you to stop by and take a tour of our pallet rack inventory before you make your purchase. Our inventory of used warehouse rack changes frequently so please call (610) 757-0011 to see what we currently have in stock.

We have a large inventory of teardrop pallet rack, but we also carry other types of racking. Because our product is already in stock, all orders are ready for shipment in 48 hours or less. Give us a call (610) 757-0011 or send in a form to get a quote on used pallet racks today!