Used Commercial Shelving

Used commercial shelving is perfect for the warehouse, home, office, and even the garage. Our steel pallet rack shelving is one of the most versatile storage types we offer. The clip type steel shelving system means your shelves can be configured to meet any need, from the personal to the commercial.

used commercial shelves

Benefits of Used Commercial Shelving

Every home, business, and warehouse requires a place to store items. There are endless options available today to help keep an organized and safe space for those stored items. One such option is shelving. Shelving systems are available in a wide variety of sizes, capacities, strengths, and styles for use in any type of storage area.

Shelving systems are available in a wide variety of sizes, capacities, strengths, and styles for use in any type of storage area.

Features of Used Commercial Shelving

Get industrial shelving in either starters or add-ons. A starter can be extended into a row of shelves by attaching an add-on. Shelves adjust on 1-1/2 inch centers with no tools. They lock into place using shelf clips. Each metal shelving unit is easy to install, reconfigure, and expand to fit your needs. Made from heavy-duty steel construction and finished with durable powdered coat paint, every piece is built to last. Custom end panels are also available on request in order to meet your needs and create a more aesthetically pleasing design.


Hallowell’s Heavy Duty Shelving features bolted side panels & back panel provides the maximum strength. Choose a starter unit or create a row of shelving by adding additional adder units. Adder units can’t be used independently and must be used with a starter unit.


Main Key Point of Used Commercial Shelving

  • Closed Starter Units Include: One single-side bracket side panel, one double-side bracket side panel, two back panels, 5 shelves with shelf clips & Hardware.
  • Closed Adder Units Include: One Double-side bracket size panel, Two Back Panels, 5 Shelves with shelf clips & Hardware.
  • Closed Free Standing Units Include: Two Single-side bracket panels, 5 Shelves with shelf clips & Hardware.
  • Heavy-duty closed shelving includes back and side panels – to store heavy loose items.
  • Adder units share posts for an additional economy.
  • Save money by using our easy to assemble shelving.
  • 18″D X 36″W X 98.5″H Add on Units with 5 Shelves.
  • All units are 98.5″ High.
  • In Stock for Immediate Delivery.
  • Available in Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty.
  • Closed or open style structures.
  • Adjustable to fit any load size.
  • Configurable for multi-tier and high-rise applications.
  • Flush front design, permitting full access to each shelf.
  • Capacity up to 800# per shelf.
  • Additional Shelves Available.
  • You can also use Pallet rack identification for your commercial rack.