Tear down and Relocation Service

As anybody who has taken on a larger project knows, a good warehouse project manager is the key to getting things done quickly, efficiently and most of all, correctly. Our skilled project managers are able to coordinate all aspects of any project to bring together all the pieces to make a whole. With warehouse installations, tear down and relocation, the lynchpin of many projects is coordinating multiple engineers, contractors and inspectors. We can work with your people on-site to ensure a safe working environment, accurate inventory control, final system testing and inspection sign-offs by all involved parties.

Correct equipment teardown is just as important as the installation process. Our clients often tell us that they are going to have their own employees disassemble their pallet racking or conveyor and while this may seem like a good idea at the outset, it is often a mistake. When the time comes to either reassemble the material or sell it, you may find that if unqualified workers did the tear out, it can be a nightmare finding the right pieces or trying to re-assemble damaged material.

Our professional crew will properly label equipment if it is to be relocated and reassembled. They will then palletize or otherwise store it correctly to avoid damage when in storage. Whether you’re moving to a new warehouse across town or moving an entire system to another distribution center across the country, our crews can load it on to trucks for safe transportation. We know how to properly move your equipment while keeping it damage-free for easy re-assembly or resale.

Warehouse Tear down And Relocation Service

Our crews will arrive with everything they need to get the job done and will clean up after themselves before they leave. Whether it’s tools, lighting, logistics, or anything else the job requires, United Rack Solutions’ experience and integrated services approach create truly effortless teardown and relocation that don’t require constant intervention. Our crew will keep you organized even during warehouse tear-down. We will engage your employees and discuss a schedule before creating a layout to maximize storage space in your new location or negotiating a sale for your old equipment.

Our goal is to create a custom solution to fit your needs. We will stack and band all materials and label the materials for easy reassembly and maximize the equipment’s resale value.

Overall, safety is a number one concern when taking down storage equipment, hiring a professional will ensure that the job is done in a safe and timely manner that is also efficient. Our installation and tear down and relocation crews have the expertise to make your warehouse project stress-free. Hire a professional team to help you avoid some common mistakes that occur when warehouse storage equipment is handled the wrong way. Some common occurrences happen when hiring your own workers to disassemble your pallet racks and other equipment include:

Warehouse Tear down And Relocation Equipments

  • Lost parts, bolts and assembly pieces to reconfigure.
  • Racking is not bundled correctly for safe transportation.
  • Damage to the rack system in teardown and relocation.
  • Employees are not trained or insured to take down rack.
  • Higher costs due to lost efficiency and paying overtime to untrained employees.

Warehouse Relocation Services

If you are relocating your warehouse and have a huge checklist, call us to make the transition a smooth one. Our team can take down, bundle, transport and install at your new location in a matter of a few days. Other services provide for businesses that are relocating are:

Warehouse Tear down And Relocation For Other Services

  • Warehouse dismantling & bundling.
  • Equipment transport.
  • Re-installation at the new facility.
  • Warehouse design & consultation
  • Provide Scrap Services if needed.
  • Purchase of used material in good condition.
  • All labor is covered with Worker’s Compensation Insurance and General Liability Coverage.

We buy used equipment. We can also offer you an exchange or pay you for any unused equipment. We are always looking to buy good quality used warehouse storage and material handling equipment. We will travel nationwide and pay cash for good storage equipment ranging from pallet racks to forklifts. Trade-ins are also acceptable for companies that want to upgrade their equipment along with their facility. Having a professional move your warehouse equipment is not only convenient but it is a smart choice too.

We are able to repair your equipment or offer you a replacement if they see damage to the warehouse storage and material handling equipment and will know all of the safety protocols when reinstalling. Depend on us for the experience and knowledge to give your new facility a floor plan that will make for an efficient work environment while maximizing storage space.