Pallet Rack Identification Guide

Don’t know what style of pallet racking you have in your warehouse? Use our pallet rack identification table to identify your pallet racks. Having trouble identifying pallet rack? Check out our useful pallet rack identification guide. All of these pictures are original shots from various jobs we have performed across the country

Pictured below are some of the many upright columns and cross beams you may encounter when shopping for the perfect pallet rack system for your warehouse. The main difference you’ll notice is the variety in hole-size on the upright columns.

Old Style Teardrop

Old style teardrop is just your common teardrop racking. The term teardrop refers to the openings (slots) that connect the beams of the rack to the teardrop style upright frame. The shape of those openings resembles a teardrop (roundish at the top, then tapers down to hold the connector pin in place).


New Style Teardrop

Newtstyle racking is like a sister style to Teardrop. Developed by the Interlake company, who also first pattented the teardrop style, Newstyle beams can look identical to those of teardrop. However the the hole pattern on its uprights is an easy clue. These holes are more rectilinear than the teardrop and a bit more narrow (see image). Notice the beams also utilize riveted pins, in this case shaped like pointy teeth or sometimes tapered ovals. Just like teardrop, the pins & slots are spaced vertically at 2” or 4” centers. There are many locking mechanism available in Newstyle.

Keystone / Republic Style

Keystone is another popular style which uses a hook & slot connection. It is most easily distinguished by the trapezoidal (or keystone) hole pattern in the upright. These slots are located on the center of the upright post face, and spaced vertically 3” on-center. Beam flanges are roll formed and incorporate hooks which engage the upright slots. Safety locks are placed in a hole in the lower beam flange. Locks are generally J-hooks or a removable steel clip.


Ridge U / Slotted Style

Ridg-U-Rak Original Slotted Pallet Rack Systems feature Hook and Slot automatic lock beam-to-column connections and are available in a virtually unlimited selection of sizes and load capacities. Our patented six-bend, roll-formed columns with fully welded bracing sets the standard for rigidity, strength and durability in pallet rack systems.

Sturdibuilt Style

Structural pallet rack systems are very similar to roll formed pallet rack systems except the horizontal load beams are attached to the uprights with bolts and have much greater weight-bearing capacity. The bolt fixings make this a form of adjustable shelving – racks can be reconfigured in a variety of useful ways.


Structural/Bolted Style

Structural bolts are specifically designed for use with heavy hex nuts in the connection of structural members (as opposed to tapped holes). The following chart will assist in proper structural nut selection. This specification covers both flat circular and beveled washers.

Paltier Style

Paltier pallet racking is designed to store pallets vertically in a warehouse. Common components to Paltier pallet rack is Paltier uprights and Paltier beams. Paltier is often available second hand.


T-Bolt Style

T-Bolt pallet rack system provides rigidity, strength and reliability and is the easiest bolted pallet racking system to install. The patented TBolt offers a front-end-only connection which saves valuable racking installation time. The T-Bolt head simply inserts through the beam connector and column and a one-quarter turn of the T Bolt locks it into place. With no need to reach inside the column, the nut is tightened from the front of the T-Bolt punched upright.

Frick Gallagher Teardrop

Frick Gallagher is a heavy duty selective pallet rack system. It utilizes a slide and lock installation method very similar to teardrop.


Speed Rack

Speedrack pallet racking, another popular brand of pallet racking on the market, has been around for several years. Speedrack’s design is unique in that it utilizes both a handle clip as well as a J-hook safety pin. These locking pins prevent accidental beam detachment from the upright column. Speedrack upright columns and beams are usually a bright yellow, however the upright columns can also be light blue and the beams orange.


Penco style also uses a hook & slot connection. It’s uprights are pretty easy to recognize, with side-by-side narrow slots which taper away from each other at the top. Like other hook connecting beams, the flanges engage the upright slots with hooks. These hooks have a slight taper to them, which match the slots. The easiest way to distinguish a Penco beam is by its locking mechanism. Every beam will have an sliding lock incorporate into the beam. Notice the pained steal tab on the outer face of the beam. Beams themselves have a tapered feel, with a narrow section at the bottom that widens toward the step.



Unarco manufactures roll-formed Pallet Rack and structural rack to fit any warehouse storage requirement. Selective Pallet Racks are the main component of every warehouse storage system.

Typically, pallet racks are composed of three main parts: upright columns, beams, and wire decking. Upright columns are the vertical structures dotted with holes. Crossbeams plug into these holes to build a basic load-bearing structure. Wire decking is then applied above the cross beam for additional support and safety.

Pallet racking comes in many different styles. Some are proprietary, produced by one or a few manufacturers. Other styles like Teardrop are incredibly common and produced by hundreds of manufacturers around the world.