The future warehouses

Have you imagined the future warehouses that are going to be one of a kind with an organized, safe, and secure environment?

Well, if that’s the idea that you have in mind for the future of your good company, then this is going to blow your mind, as this will give a clearer understanding and picture of handling, mounting, and dismounting heavyweight goods systematically and efficiently without any space for mistakes.

future warehouse technologies

Benefits of having a Warehouse for your business.

Everyone understands the fact that having an organized warehouse is no child’s play as it is one of the essential keys to having a hassle-free business practice.

This is when the pallet racks walk in as not only does it make the handling and logistics for the business easy but also helps in a smooth transition of the business.

With the help of these specialized pallet racks, all your business can be contained in an organized and structured way.

Now the question that rushes into your mind would be:

What are these pallet racks? How do they assist in the business?

Well, with a little more detailing you will be able to understand the same easily.

What are Pallet racks and how are they helpful?

Pallet racks, as the word itself describes are racks used to contain palletized goods in the best possible way in warehouses that meet all the safety measures along with it. The pallet racks are tall, vertical, and upright beams that are usually connected to horizontal beams to provide an area to create storage space when may later be altered as required.

Having an organized pallet rack will get you the convenience of decking storage goods, without having to handle any accidental risks of material falling between racks and also allowing you the ease of transportation in a convenient way.

Types of pallet racks

The pallets however are a variety to choose from. Depending on your company’s type of requirement, you may choose from the below-mentioned list of pallet racks.

  • Pallet racking 
  • Cantilever pallet racks or cantilever pallet racking system.
  • Teardrop racks
  • Warehouse racking
  • Industrial racks
  • Storage shelving systems
  • Drive-in racks/Drive-thru racks
  • Commercial storage 
  • Commercial shelving racks

Pallet Racking

Pallet racks are of two types. We have the brand new pallet racks that may be purchased from authorized rack distributors; on the detailed inquiry, you might be able to find the distributors that will sell you the pallet racks at the best price in the market.

It is also a good option to find used pallet racks or second-hand ones that were earlier used by another warehouse. They would be a good choice if you are on the lookout for saving money. As there isn’t much difference between the new pallet racks and the used ones, except the used ones might be a little bent or a little bit rusty. And the used ones will also come to you at the best-discounted rates.

Just make sure to try and find dealers who have been in the same field for many years as it would be a good idea to buy from them.

Cantilever pallet racks or cantilever pallet racking system.

Cantilever pallet racks are mainly used for the storage of long pipes and rods that make use of a vertical type of space. Storage and handling of these types of products safely and securely take in an added effort that can be handled extremely well with this type of racking system.

Teardrop racks

The most common type of rack in today’s market is the teardrop racks, Just as its shape goes for the teardrop-shaped holes that are drilled into the support beams, 

The best part of it all is the fact that for assembling the teardrop racks, you wouldn’t require any instruments and it will also save your time and labor costs, as none would be required.

Warehouse racking

Warehouse racking can either mess up or assist the warehouse operations. Warehouse layout plays a major role in warehouse racking, as aisle width, docking locations, shipping areas, and other warehouse components affect warehouse racking options. With proper warehouse racking, warehouse managers maximize space and optimize warehouse organization for efficiency and a streamlined picking process.

Drive-in racking (drive-in rack) or Drive-thru racking (drive-thru racks)

When there is a need for high-density storage, drive-in racks and drive-through racks are the most suitable.

Drive-in and drive-through racks are mostly floor-to-ceiling structures and are mainly made of steel.

Both these warehouse racking systems provide ample space for a forklift to move into its bay.

When drive-in racks have one entrance and exit, drive-through racks allow access on both sides of the bay.

 As a result, drive-in racks are suited to the last-in, first-out (LIFO) process commonly used for nonperishable products or those with a low turnover. 

On the other hand, a drive-through system requires a first-in, first-out (FIFO) process. 

Industrial racks

Industrial racks come into use when there is a requirement for receiving, storing, shipping raw materials, in-process products as well as finished goods, with an idea of reducing the storage cost which in turn will help in increasing productivity without compromising the safety of the workers.

Storage shelving racks

The whole idea behind storage shelving racks is to make the best usage of the warehouse manually.

These storage shelving racks are the best way to make use of the vertical heights of the warehouse, still providing the flexibility of manual access at any given point in time. This also provides manual access to the higher levels with the equipment that can lift the operator as per the required height. (eg: forklift trucks).

Commercial storage and Commercial shelving

The difference between the commercial storage and commercial shelving: For commercial storage, the way the good is placed into the system and the way they are retrieved from the system is normally by hand, whereas in commercial shelving, the racking and retrieval are not by hand, it is per unit loads and is done with the assistance of mechanical equipment and machinery.

To Conclude with..

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